How to control your weight

Tried all the diets in the world and still a member of a gym you never go to?? Here's how to shift the weight that was so easy to put on and is so hard to get rid of and why that is so. HABIT is a good place to start.

Our bad habits can be actually what makes it so hard to move into a different lifestyle, that will give you your desired weight loss or gain. Usually there is a deep seeded issue that sits in the back of your Mind directing your life.

I was the creator and organizer of the Hawkesbury Women's Biggest Loser campaign and the Nepean Women's Biggest Loser campaign. On these programs groups of women were taken on a 3 month journey, with a blend of teaching nutritional eating, mind therapy and excercise. On this program we did have great success with losses of over 20kg. The creation of another program coordinated myself and coworked with a colleague called Hop Skip Jump, was based on Mind Therapy this was a short 6 week program to get people motivated.

When Examining the two programs the main point of contingency that became very apparent was that people were concerned about Breaking Habits and the duration of Breaking a Habit. What I found they all had in common was the need for a Healthy Mind first. The Mind when not healthy, is weighed down with living memories that do not serve you Mentally or Physically

My job is to concentrate on helping my clients to clear the past for the new to develop.

I now offer Virtual Gastric Banding

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