What is Hypnosis, people ask me this all the time…is it like TV ? Will you make me do silly things? this is the preconceived thoughts of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the technique of speaking to your sub conscious mind, in your language to achieve the shifts or changes you desire. Why do we have to do this? Well usually a change that you seek comes from a particular issue not serving yourself, by not serving you , you are not happy! Even though you consciously /knowingly want the change, you just can’t manage to make it happen!

In order to make the changes we have to by pass the awake – conscious mind (cortex) and speak to the sub conscious mind to create change. We do this my speaking your language and relaying your wishes and desires to the sub conscious mind , where all your emotions and memories are stores , like filing cabinets NLP while the conscious mid has steps aside.

There is many forms of Hypnosis, from a mediation/relaxation state of mind to awakening hypnosis. Depending on the requirements , a particular technique, for example EFT , Grounding, Rewind is used to maximise the client’s needs.

So you might ask . “How powerful is our Sub conscious mind?”

The mind is the computer of the body

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