Give up Smoking

You want to Quit Smoking….Ok well this is the no frills way, have you heard to the KISS method of doing things? Well this is it.

For sure I could go no about the harm you are doing both physically and mentally, but I am sure you know all that, and I could write a lot about why it’s so difficult and why I am better that another therapist website page.

The Truth is its a HABIT …. And like all habits it’s hard to break and another thing like all habit you have to want too!

The aim is to have you Quit Smoking; the method I use is the same I did for myself after 35 years of smoking. I had tried several times, and even through all of my pregnancies I gave up for the duration, but always took it back up. I tried and tried, succeeding for a month, 9 months and even a year…

So I changed my approach and from thinking I was craving on a physical level , I realised it was actually the mental level that kept me hooked. So I went about researching the “WHY” I smoked.

That’s when I came up with the answers. It’s been over 7 years since I have had a cigarette, I feel so much better on a physical, mental , and financial level. Yes I still think about a cigarette , but I have no WANT …..

This is the method I used successfully today, So if you REALLY want to give up smoking …..then call me today

"The federal government announced it will increase the tobacco excise by 12.5 per cent a year for the next four years. The plan will cause the price of a packet of 25 cigarettes to rise to about $40, up from $25 today."

So you do the Maths how many packets do you smoke a week?

Cost of our Program $475.00

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