Coping with Stress

Hurry Hurry Hurry, Quick Quick Quick Now Now Now

Work, Kids ,Job, Finances, Family

Pressure Pressure Pressure

When will it stop?


Quick Quick, have to get to work, get the kids ready for school, met those work targets, shopping, home repairs, bills to pay……. So so SO much in our lives and every thing has to happen yesterday

We expect instantaneously, and we are expected to act instantaneously. Yet we create this weight of pressure, stress, stress, stress…until it all just becomes too much.

Well STOP, say no before it effects your health and your family and friends. Stress is unseen , but plays a huge part in Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack and Weight. Every day we are faced with the rush of life. The key is “management”, yes, “Stress Management”, together let me teach you some simple methods to return the control of your life back into your hands

Weight Control
Quit Smoking
Child Therapy