Anxiety/Panic attack

I just want to be free from this!      I want to live life again!      Trapped in your own self?

Hello this is a little of my story. I suffered Agoraphobic Anxieties / Panic Attack’s for crippling 7 years my life. Not able to take my children to school in the fear that someone might speak to me, even getting so bad that I found it difficult to sit at the family dinner table to eat. When I finally broke free, I placed a notice in the community local shop.

“Have you ever suffered from Anxiety?”

I was absolutely shocked at the amount of people that attended our first meeting. There is many different ways anxiety can affect people. But as vast in difference, it is the same. Anxiety/ Panic Attack’s very common with 1 in 5 men, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 25 teenagers experiencing in their lives. So as isolated as you feel, you are NOT alone!

There are many experiences and events that happen in our life, and Anxiety is not a result of one event or happening that results in you feeling TRAPPED in your own body, not being able to live life.

I was so very fascinated in the strength of the mind, that after years of running my own manufacturing company I changed my direction. Even though I have first hand experience I decided to gain qualifications so I can be of greater assistance to people from not only an educational platform, but from emotional/personal experience as well.

Here at Hypnotherapy Hub we like to personalize your pathway to your Freedom, call us now on 0408411865 and take your first step to change!

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