Working with Children

Being a mother of 5 children, I have seen a lot from both my children and their friends. Nothing is in place to help you as parents, to be fully aware of what you could be in store for. Certainly today with so many changes which happen so quickly that our little people sometimes need a hand to get through the struggles of life.

Some of the concerns that effect our children and teenagers such as pressures from exams, anxiety, confidence, self-esteem and even bullying . Which seems to often to be common place in and out of school. Some of these concerns can result in nail biting, bed wetting, anger or even self harming to name a few.

Hypnosis is brilliant for children and young people in general, as they are untainted by the world and their minds are like sponges, open to change and creativity with those vivid imanginations.

These conditons are not as imbedded in children and younger people in general in comparison to adults, they have not had enough time to make damaging imprints into their personality. Hypnosis can be used to enable us to create a pathway directly to their imagination and work together to obtain changes and directions of feelings, emotions and behaviour. So therefore children respond more quickly and progress within a much shorter time frame.

Remember I don't just speak to you from a therapist point of view but also as a mother I found that hypnotherapy assisted my children in times of need. It just takes that person that is looking from the outside in, free of the family circle connections, for a child or teenager to be able to express themselves.

Any parent that is seeking for their child to have changes with the help of hypnotherapy, blended with NLP. I invite you to call and have chat with me over any concerns and to ensure it will bea suitable form of therapy for your child.

My working with childrens clearance number is WWC1033160E valid until 16/06/2021.

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