Meta Coaching

Meta-coaching is an advanced coaching method that works in a systemic manner to create change in a person , team or business. This is focusing on the mind , the body and the emotional systems created from NLP, hence why is a Neuro- Semantic coaching system.

Meta-coaching is an NLP and Neuro-Semantic (how we create and imbed meaning which determines our perception and quality of life, behaviour. Neuro-Semantics scientific term for mind-body.) Coaching system , which works on a higher consciousness. With Hypnotherapy also a part of the over all system towards learning a developmental and transformational change.

Meta-coaching programs are custom designed for each individual, team, Business

Coaching is the process of assisting and teaching another person to access their internal and external resources, and to be able to axcess these coaching tools achieve a desired goal that congruent with optimum potential. The process of Coaching may involve firstly attending to up past issues so as to get a clear vision of ones goals, with the future being the main focus

Meta-coaching programs

programs are for the people, Teams or Business’s that want to move continually forward. As the programs are custom built the duration is specific to the goals. The Meta Coacking session can be up to 2 hours.

Creating & Driving your Dreams into the Reality

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Quit Smoking
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