Is it all just too hard?

Trouble wanting getting out bed?

Don’t know where to start


Does the hole just get deeper?

Does any or all of these tick the box on how you feel?

Not having the energy to get up and achieve, the simple day to day seems so very hard and depressing? Being un motivated can have a huge effect on your life, from relationships, to work, and self-esteem, resulting in a life with no fulfilment! Before you know it the days just go by and life becomes a domino effect.

Driving force behind the doing and the happening is MOTIVATION. The initial want to do and then to follow through to the end, even when the initially want has faded. The determination to keep going to complete the task to gain the reward ,is self- motivation

These rewards come in two types:

  • 1/ Intrinsic Motivation-The feeling / emotional satisfaction of the task being complete.
  • 2/ Extrinsic Motivation- The materialistic reward, money, a new car, a gift, a holiday.

  • All you need is that person behind you to kick start you, to find the direct and to set goals at a pace that suites. To teach you tools and learn why your mind switches and how to take control of your life. Pay attention to all facets, from your eating habits, social interaction, physical and mental wellbeing. Self-Motivation is not easy to establish once lost, and even for people that have self-motivation, sometimes a helping hand to get back on track is needed.

    Setting goals in one thing , but believing that you can achieve is another. People have different levels of their belief in their self to effectively complete a goal or dream. Yes Dreams? Once a person has any doubt, it opened the door for the motivation to slip though and the belief in “SELF” to perform. As with any change you desire in your life the WANT, Attitude towards that “Want” and the truthful self-belief in your effectiveness to carry out to the end.