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Did you know your mind is said to be approximately 95% subconcious and 5% conscious?

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Neurolinguistic Programming

Did you know the average person has 49 thoughts per minute, over 70000 per day.

Our Philosophy

As your Hypnotherapist, your sessions are personalised and tailor to suit you. Whether it be for Anxieties, Depression, Panic Attacks, or to assist you to Quit Smoking or Weight Management.

No One person walks in the same footsteps as another, we all have different, personalities, beliefs and circumstances, this is what makes us unique! Here at the hypnotherapy Hub we opening our tool box containing many different techniques .

Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Processing (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis, Systematic Desentization, Collapsing Anchors, Hypnotic Breathing, Grounding techniques. Combining and using different techniques to bring about the change you desire in your life. These tools and methods we teach you, so you can take control

Kathryn is not only passionate and comes with a huge scope of life experience having working in Corp sector, private and community projects, she too is a volunteer for Life Line and with this comes with the training in Suicide Intervention ,Non Suicidal Self – Injury (Self Harm)and Domestic Violence Crisis Support. Blending Hypnotherapy and NLP to provide a therapy package which will help you face the challenges day to day, so you get that personal yet professional touch that you respectfully deserve.

As we are all busy these days with work and family, here at Hypnotherapy Hub we offer more convenient times by being available after hours, weekends and now on Skype! Kathryn Also conducts awareness talks in local communities, if you which to come along to the next talk, or maybe book a community chat just email Or you could just book in your FREE 15min chat TODAY……

Come on make your first steps to the new YOU ……

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